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Letting Go - Surviving and Thriving Through Life's Greatest Trials
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Cody’s Big Move
Volume 1: Letting Go Series for Children

Moving is hard, no matter whoyou are. Meet Cody, the handsome red chick who thought he would live in his barn forever. This wise and wonderful tale will entertain your child as Cody learns how to let go of what was and embrace his new life.
The Letting Go series was written by Jo Ann Brumit and Lindsey Townsend to help children cope with loss and transition and face the future with hope and courage.  
A portion of the proceeds from every book sold will be donated to help children’s charities and childrenin crisis.
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For anyone who has suffered a profound loss, whether it is the passing of a loved one, a debilitating personal illness, or the upending of a lifelong career, the consuming feelings of grief and hopelessness can often seem insurmountable. Such was the case for author JoAnn Brumit, a mother and CEO, whose life was forever changed by the sudden death of her daughter. Now, her memoir shares her own journey of healing, as well as a wealth of inspiration and insight from others who have triumphed in their darkest hours.
Through powerful real life stories and enriching words of wisdom, Letting Go: Surviving and Thriving Through Life’s Greatest Trials offers encouragement, courage, and inspiration to individuals who are struggling to overcome this inevitable part of life.
Written in collaboration with Lindsey Townsend, JoAnn Brumit has conceived her guide as a heart-to-heart conversation with a dear friend, drawing from the author’s personal trials to share sound, empathetic, real-world advice that can be applied in order to improve your life immediately.
Starting with facing a new reality, the book first addresses the necessity of working through the pain, rather than avoiding it. Chapters on hope, courage, faith, and persistence reinforce the qualities that help find peace in trying times. The guide also features profiles of other people who have overcome various types of losses, from one man’s awe-inspiring resolve to reshape his life in the face of his wife’s last months of living to another woman’s uplifting approach to her severely disabled daughter.
Throughout, the book emphasizes the crucial role that a positive outlook can play in letting go of the past, and creating a new and vibrant future at any age and after all manners of troubling circumstances. From regaining an emotional center to tapping into the power of persistence, any individual can break through the grief with knowledge and a new approach.
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